Reads texts out loud using a female voice
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IVONA Software Sp. z o.o.
Hear the content of your documents read by a female voice and save them as audio files. The voice sounds less artificial than the default Windows one.

Ivona 2 is a text-to-speech utility, meaning that it will read any given digital text to those who are either visually impaired or simply prefer to rest their eyes while going through a certain piece of information. The digital voices resemble human ones, because they do not sound artificial in the manner in which other synthesized voices do. The utility is available in several languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Romanian.

The utility includes Ivona Reader, Ivona MiniReader and Ivona Control Center. Ivona 2 uses BrightVoice technology, providing a lection resembling one performed by a human individual. Users are able to make settings with respect to the speed of reading, and they are also able to set the length of pauses between sentences or paragraphs. As the reader proceeds (it can be Kimberly or Joey for American English or Emma or Brian for British English, for example), you can choose to jump back and forth. These are options for jumping to the previous or to the next sentence or paragraph or to a certain bookmark.

The user may choose to record the reading and save it to MP3, OGG or WAVE format. Also, one is able to choose for the recording to be made as a single file or a new file to be created for every paragraph or every chosen number of minutes, while the recording is in progress. Files such as DOC, PDF or TXT can be read by the utility and appropriate intonation will be used, given the punctuation present within the text. Internet texts and emails can also be read, as Ivona will install a toolbar for your browser.

The program is easy to use and fulfills its designated function efficiently. The voices sound indeed natural and are pleasant to hear and the accent and intonation are realistic enough for a text to be properly understood.

Margie Smeer
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  • Natural voices
  • Intonation appropriate with the punctuation used within a text
  • Intuitive user-interface


  • Some abbreviations, such as those from the metric system, will not be recognized
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